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Grandpasaurus Family Pajama Sets - TEP-1883

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Dauntless Dino-themed Family Pajama Sets For Grandpas

The stegosaurus roamed the Earth 150 million years ago, while the t-rex lived 65 million years ago. In contrast, the first homo sapiens (modern humans) appeared around 200,000 years ago. This means that there was more time between the stegosaurus and the tyrannosaurus rex than between the t-rex and yourself. Did you already know this? You should go tell your grandpa this interesting fact right now and see if he knows!

Dinosaurs totally dominated their timeline before an asteroid and disastrous weather occurrences put an end to them. However, they still live on through branding and clothing such as the dauntless grandpasaurus family pajama sets from Teepinch. Present your granddad with a dino-sized present for the holidays. These dinosaur t-shirts and family pajama sets come in a bright style and print that will completely brighten up your grandfather's day once he sees it.

You absolutely need to get these handsome grandpasaurus family pajama sets for your grandad. We guarantee that it will make a  great gift this Christmas, so don't miss out. Our jammies let the grandpasaurus of your home unleash his mighty roar! We have family pajama sets for the other relatives and members as well. Browse through the collections on our Teepinch store.

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