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November 14, 2019 1 min read

Ugly christmas sweaters and knitted christmas jumpers

Ugly sweaters are definitely a must have for these holidays. While it is true that they were popularized in the 80s, when any loose clothing was synonymous with freshness and coolness, its origin is really a bit more diffuse and  particular.

An unwanted gift. One of the theories stems from the idea that gift symbols are different among people of different generations. It is not the same as what a 12-year-old boy wants as a Christmas gift to what an adult person intends to give.

For an adult, the fact of knitting a sweater, personalized and adjusted precisely to the size of your beloved grandson, can be the perfect gift. When the time comes for gifts, the young man can only respond with a fake smile and continue with his life ... until he is asked to put it on!

It is very likely that for that reason the Christmas jumpers have been called "Ugly sweaters"
This is how in a kind of anti fashion, personalities like Bill Cosby made it the famous Christmas gift back in the days, a real must-have for these holidays and a huge trend this year. 

Where to buy ugly Christmas sweaters? You are in the right place!

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Pablo Zambrano
Pablo Zambrano

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